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Music that sounds foreign even when I hear it every day. A phase that comes in waves, first silent, then angry. Being called names, spring in form of a new new home. Neighbours that accuse, regional and silly. Love in many shapes, a friend that reminds you inspiration exists. A lover that remains silent when in front of you. Lies, lies, on top of lies, to the eyes lies. Planning for an angry season, planning for the establishment. Being everyone’s social worker, no orgasms to feel part of the universe. Skin that itches, love that makes you grumpy, trust that isn’t trust. Thoughts on top of others, silence. Friends that demand, strangers to feel close. Cigaret, smells that satisfies, naked strangers on top of each other. Days of hiding, running hours, sake on top of drinks. Lessons, memories of bad smells, beauty. All in one, nothing in it. The birthday of my dad, a gift still unsent. To-do lists. not-to-do lists, lack of toothpaste, your throat. Warm water, the road. I said nothing, deconstructed in front of you. Ich mache Dir keinen Vorwurf. Here you are again, how was your day?


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