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LSD, 20.Feb.2015

Life has been passing by without me noticing. I received an unexpected visit from a friend from Mexico: Sofia, the girl who taught me how to love. The whole experience was surreal since she is going through a lot at the moment and it all happen too quickly and slowly at the same time. It was like we had never stop seeing ourselves in these almost 2 years where we hadn’t met but there was a thing that had changed: reality. We were no longer part of our reality and being real costed a lot. She was filled with thoughts and me too, the winter didn’t help much but we made the best of it. It’s funny because with her presence she brought lots of peace to the life I lead here. She also brought many thoughts and resolutions that didn’t get to my brain until she left. She was a silent visitor that brought the past, the present and the future. I can’t miss her because she is still alive and I am sure we will be friends in this life and the next, but I do wish that there would be a place in this world where we can share reality again. There is a proposal of moving to Brussels, there is a proposal of just falling in love and letting go and there is also a long list of ideas and ideas’ side effects that had attacked my brain all at once and that came with anxiety as a company, with lots of bad dreams too and sleepless nights. I am working on a new series of pictures and I have all my brains on that, I start shooting this weekend and I am hoping the work brings some quietness to my brain. I am thinking of pink, I am thinking of all the unsaid things that needed to be said. I am thinking of my love, I am thinking of all the hugs I didn’t give to Sofia and how much I wish we both grow old and have awesome lives and get over the lack of certainty that we fear so much. I hope life is good with me, because I have been trying to be good with it too. I hope that if life passes unnoticed it brings some warm days with it, more hugs and clever words.  

#diary #ManuelMoncayo

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