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Life changing, 01.Jun.2015

Taking a train and having the feeling that the destination is going to bring a life changing experience. Saying to myself repeatedly: “When I come back I will -be- a different mind" and this time the words “life changing” were not wrong but precise. I am leading a life of possibilities, when I thought I was in control, well I wasn’t. Situations that shaped my personality came exactly when I kept looking the other way. These days have been busy, and being busy is mind setting. My mind needs sanity, my mind needs health and love, my mind needs to stop searching for all the things that I have been searching and not realizing that were already there. My mind is realizing that I own, that I am in a good position to stand out and to be thankful for it. My mind is convinced that being creative is not a bad thing, that normality will only make me disappear and that it is in my dreams where I find myself the must. My mind is thankful. My mind is setting. My mind is with me. 


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