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Everyone deserves some credit, 16.Dec.2015

Assuming that things should get to you because you are lucky and not being able to express how thankful you are for them is an attitude that I pursued for the past years. I am a person that receives just because, and I didn’t gave credit to what was around me, I did not do it intentionally and I was thankful but if I face reality I would not exist if it wasn’t for what I received and I wasn’t able to fully express it until now because I guess a part of me always thought I deserved it since I also like to believe I am a good person; and another part of me wanted to believe that I am all powerful and that I can go though life without needing anybody. But it isn’t like that anymore. I am thankful, I am also aware that it’s no longer about my ego and that what is around me and the people that I relate to and have helped me are as important as my input to do things when it comes to everything that I do. Everyone deserves some credit. I wouldn’t be alive and where I am if it wasn’t for my family, friends, ex boyfriends, and all the people that has contributed to my personal affairs. Everyone deserves some credit and today is about them all. 

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