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I am organising this exhibition and I have been ultra busy with it for a couple of months now. I received a visit from my closest friend and I was almost too stressed to enjoy his company, the deal is that almost always I realise things when they already happened and he came and inspired me like usual but I only noticed it now that he is gone. I have been very reflective all day long and haven’t had the chance to sit down and write about it, but now I do. The thing is simple, few things in life feel right and his friendship has been that since the beginning, we have established almost a routine, he comes to town, we go to the same restaurant to eat the same dish, to the same club and dance to the same music.  We have managed to build a relationship that transcends language, space, and time. When I am with him I feel like life has a meaning and that I am not alone, he has trusted me even in times when I didn’t trust myself and the link that we share is the same link that connects the planets with the collective mind. I want to dedicate a few words to him because I miss him and writing about him makes me feel like he is present in what I do. I wish we could spend more time together. I wish I was able to show him what I feel when he is present and not only when he is away. Today I went to work as always and I dedicated my actions to friendship, because its a good reminder that life is bigger than my routine, that life sometimes makes sense. 

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