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During the past months that -of course- have been exceptional I started taking care of myself in a way that I didn’t do before. As a result, my posture has changed and my body feels stronger, different. The reflection in the mirror shows a different person.

I have moved to the countryside, where the silence has inspired me to write, and writing has brought back confidence in my own voice. A love relationship was born, and with it appreciation for perseverance.

An impulse has grown on me, the one of sharing more of my story, my processes and my creation in the hope to establish a link between them and my little gay nephew, perhaps also with others that may identify with my dreams and adventures.

Exploration in the visual field has continued, but this time with a different starting point. I have reached out to people that I admire to work together, I also returned to old mediums, an analog camera given to me as present, its grainy results, drawing, collage and illustration.

There will be later this year an exhibition in Italy, an art residency in Spain and the publishing of a couple of collaborations. For now, a preview of what the months to come will bring.

Thanks to everyone involved in this.


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